When visitors leave your
web site without converting
we serve your ads to them
on Facebook.

Facebook & Web Retargeting for Busy Marketers

The simplest way to set up retargeting for your site or online store. Get more sales. Save time.

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Retarget lost customers on Facebook

Almost 30% of U.S. ad impressions occur on Facebook...and now those impressions are available for retargeting using your own first-party audience data.

Track clicks and conversions

Our easy-to-use self-service dashboard lets you measure campaign ROI, click through rates, and much more. You are in control.

Low prices, Epic ROI

We charge on a CPM basis. No setup or maintenance fees. Meanwhile, our advertisers generate $10 in sales for every $1 spent.

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Discover new marketing channels

See where your ads perform best and where your visitors hang out online. Get smarter about your marketing.

We respect your users

Perfect Audience sets strict daily and monthly frequency caps to make sure no one feels overwhelmed by your ads.

Retarget across the web, too

Design web retargeting campaigns in minutes. We serve your banners to lost customers with the best publishers across Google, OpenX, and more.


    Scale and Intelligence

  • Retarget across 7b daily Facebook impressions
  • Retarget across 8b daily web impressions
  • Easy e-mail retargeting
  • Real-time bidding and smart pricing
  • Ease and Access

  • Intuitive, self-service dashboard
  • Smart tag to track both visitors and conversions
  • Ajax-powered ad uploader
  • In-app Facebook ad image-cropper
  • Manage multiple users in one account
  • Manage multiple sites in one account
  • Control and Precision

  • Track spend by campaign, ad, domain
  • Best-in-class, rules-based visitor segmenting
  • Country and DMA-level geotargeting
  • Precision control over cookie windows
  • Simple dayparting and scheduling
  • Event-based javascript segmentation API
  • Campaign changelogs for easy backtracking
  • Insight and Attribution

  • Weekly performance reports by e-mail
  • At-a-glance campaign performance stats
  • Attribution details for each conversion tracked
  • See where your ads perform best
  • Robust Reporting API
  • Easy domain blacklisting
  • Support and Training

  • E-mail and live-chat support
  • How-to video tutorials
  • Weekly training webinars
  • Detailed end-to-end documentation
  • Enterprise and agency level account support
  • Feedback and Feature-request forum

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